Virgin Media Review

Please note – This site is not owned or endorsed by Virgin Media. “The Mother of all Broadband. It’s fast. It’s fibre optic. It’s half price. It leaves all the competition behind.” – Virgin Media “If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.” – Unknown So you’ve seen the website, read the promises and have decided to sign up to Virgin Media and are now looking forward to your services being installed. Well the easy part is over, you’ve potentially now got weeks of phone calls, lies, immense frustration and broken promises to look forward to! The following is an account of my personal experiences with Virgin Media and I cannot comment on how other users have been treated. However, I can point you to Review Centre which at the time of writing has 72 reviews for Virgin Media with the average ratings below: Reliability: 3.8/10 Customer Service: 2.6/10 Speed Consistency: 4.6/10 Value for Money: 3.4/10 Overall Rating: 2.7/10 Wow – doesn’t look too great does it? So you must be asking what would drive somebody to be so annoyed with a company that they would create a website detailing their experiences? Well, the following story explains the ordeal that I’ve had with Virgin Media which started around a year ago.


In September last year I moved into a student house with a group of friends. We did a bit of research and decided to go with Virgin Media for broadband, telephone and television services as they were offering 20 Meg broadband, which seemed very appealing as we would be sharing a connection between us. We went onto the Virgin Media and started the sign up process. Unfortunately, the Virgin Media website wouldn’t allow us to sign up for a telephone service without giving them our current phone number. Slightly bemused as to what to do as there was no phone service connected to the property, we decided to give customer services a ring. Realising a 30 minute phone call to the sales department from a mobile phone would cost us around £5, we asked our neighbours if we could borrow their landline. They kindly let us and we spoke to a very helpful sales person who gave us what we thought was a great deal at just over £30. We agreed to this over the phone and they even honoured the online discount as their website wouldn’t let us sign up online.

It took around 3 weeks for the services to be installed which was very annoying as we were living and working in the property, and not having broadband was a major inconvenience. Finally when the services were turned on (the house already had cable installed we just needed to be connected), we couldn’t connect to the broadband. I phoned up customer services and was told that we’d done something wrong and would have to phone support on 09… Realising this was a premium rate number; I said that I would like them to transfer me to avoid paying extortionate rates for their mistake. They refused to do this, but did say that if they were in the wrong they would refund the cost of the phone call to the account. I phoned them up and they told me that we’d been given the wrong PIN number and an incorrect phone number. £10 credit was put onto our account which hardly makes up for the 4-5 hours that my housemates and I spent trying to get things sorted out. Finally everything was set up and working ok!

After a few months, we looked at the bills and couldn’t work out why we were paying so much. Phoning customer services it seemed that we were paying £12/month more than we agreed to. Fortunately we’d made a note of the sales person we spoke to and the exact discounts we were offered, and the agreed price. The person at customer services said that if we didn’t want to pay the new price £12/month higher than we agreed, they would have to reduce the speed of our broadband to make up for it. Pointing out that we had signed a contract for £30/month and not £42, we refused to accept this. Eventually, we managed to get a refund on the amount we were overcharged and an agreement that the future price would be what we agreed to.

Throughout the year we suffered with slow broadband at certain times of the day and experienced multiple times where the services stopped working completely for an extended period of time.

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